We ask for annual memberships to be renewed by 31st January each year. You can apply for a new membership at any stage during the year. 

The membership annual fee is £15 per person or £25 per couple (registered at the same address).

A new member is required to pay an additional one-off charge for the membership card of £5 plus £0.05 for the membership share.

Applications for new memberships should be made via the Club staff or Committee by completing a membership application form which is available from the Club. Once a new membership has been accepted and completed, you may ask for an induction to our facilities should you wish.

Guests must be signed in by a member and they should pay £2 per visit.  Members are responsible for their guests.  If the member then leaves the club, the guests are also required to leave at the same time. Members may sign in a maximum of 4 guests at a time. 

Membership cards must be shown at the bar to obtain members prices. If you lose your membership card we will require £5 to replace the card.

Membership request/renewal form