Mermbership renewals

January, we would be completing our club membership renewals. 

 The renewals this year will be £15 per person or £25 per couple (same address). The slightly raised renewal fee will help us to recover costs incurred during the lockdown and help to maintain the existence of the club in the future. The Committee fully understands that asking our members to pay the annual fee whilst they have been unable to attend for a big part of 2020 and are currently unable to attend due to ongoing restrictions may be seen as questionable by some, however, the overriding view is that our members would support the club and its future by paying the £15 due.

 With the current restrictions, payment will be: 1) cash or cheque posted through the door - in a named envelope with current membership number and phone number/email address. Cheques payable to Goring Conservative Club with membership number on the back. 2) Emailing with name/s, current membership number and phone number/email address and we will return with BACS transfer details. Reference on transfer should be your membership number.

 The membership will be pro rata throughout these difficult times. The club will offer refunds for months where we are not open. This will be £1.25 per month, capped at £5. Of course, the club would be grateful if you wish to support us in waiving this option. If you have been affected financially by Covid-19 and wish to discuss your renewal payment, please contact us by phone or email bookings@GoringConservativeClub

Renewal form